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What's the point of keeping damaged locks? Learn more about lock replacement with these informative tips

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Lubricate locks to prevent keys from getting stuck

If you find yourself having difficulties turning the key on the lock, it’s possible that the pins are stuck. Our specialists recommend using silicone spray or WD-40, which can resolve the issue and allow you to get in. These products are used for lubrication and are easily available in the hardware or home improvement store.

Use door knob and deadbolt

If there are people that need to get in your home like a relative, friend or housekeeper, give them the spare key for your door knob. Just lock that when you know that they would be going to your house. On other days, lock the deadbolt to keep the privacy of your home.

Inspect your door locks as part of regular maintenance

Check all components for physical damage. These include not only the cylinder, but also the strike plate and the screws. If you notice any dirt, clean it immediately. The same applies to rust. If there are loose screws, tighten them. Replace missing ones as soon as possible. If you notice serious damage, get the lock repaired or replaced.

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